Sample shape manipulation (scintillometry.shaping)

shaping contains tasks to change the sample shape, e.g., to ensure frequency and polarization are on different axes in preparation for calculating polarized powers and cross products. The changes can be done using a user-defined function or with pre-defined implementations for reshaping, transposition and slicing.


scintillometry.shaping Module



Base class for sample shape operations.

ChangeSampleShape(ih, task[, method])

Change sample shape using a callable.

Reshape(ih, sample_shape)

Reshapes the sample shape of a stream.

Transpose(ih, sample_axes)

Reshapes the axes of the samples of a stream.

ReshapeAndTranspose(ih, sample_shape, …)

Reshapes the sample shape of a stream and transpose its axes.

GetItem(ih, item)

Index or slice the samples of a stream.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of scintillometry.shaping.ChangeSampleShapeBase, scintillometry.shaping.ChangeSampleShape, scintillometry.shaping.Reshape, scintillometry.shaping.Transpose, scintillometry.shaping.ReshapeAndTranspose, scintillometry.shaping.GetItem