Combining streams (scintillometry.combining)

combining contains tasks to combine multiple streams, e.g., in preparation for correlation. The combining can be done using a user-defined function or with pre-defined implementations for concatenation and stacking.


scintillometry.combining Module


CombineStreamsBase(ihs[, atol, …])

Base class for combining streams.

CombineStreams(ihs, task[, method, atol, …])

Combining streams using a callable.

Concatenate(ihs[, axis, atol, samples_per_frame])

Concatenate streams along an existing axis.

Stack(ihs[, axis, atol, samples_per_frame])

Stack streams along a new axis.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of scintillometry.combining.CombineStreamsBase, scintillometry.combining.CombineStreams, scintillometry.combining.Concatenate, scintillometry.combining.Stack